About Equity and Dave Diegelman

Connecting paradise and the place you call home with integrity.

We have a passion for connecting people with the raw beauty of the land that surrounds us coupled with the perseverance, dedication and expertise to make our client's dreams a reality. Through the strength of a solid team we offer a catered experience rare in today's market.

Dave's adorable wife and best friend for over 30 years has helped him see the real blessings in life... God, family and relationships that connect us all together. His children and grandchildren have been a source of wonder and joy. The loyalty of our clients has been inspiring and appreciated. The commitment of individual relationships has fueled Dave's life of extraordinary adventures in the realm of business, climbing, surfing, Mt. biking and canyoneering. At the end of the day it's these friends continue to inspire and help inspire others. Friends are the people who let you be yourself...and never let you forget it.

Bringing the expertise of a second generation Realtor with over 12 years of real estate experience and consistently ranking among the top 7% of all Realtors in the US, Dave strives to exceed our clients' expectations. Our passion for seeing my client's reach their real estate goals is balanced with keeping involved in our community in Southern Utah.   "The best real estate experience we have ever had", is a quote from a past client. 

Equity is committed to giving back to the communities that it serves and donates a portion of their gross income to humanitarian and charity causes. Equity donates company profits, not agent’s commissions to help immunize, feed, and educate those in need throughout the world. The definition of the word Equity is “the act of being just and fair.” They strive to be just and fair to our clients, our agents and the world. 

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